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Christmas Sentiment Ornaments with Mudra Chipzebs – Archisha

by Archisha Mukherjee

Hello Everyone,

My name is Archisha (from Kenchi School) and I am back with another fun Chipzebs project 🙂

Is it December already ?! So all those epic adventures jotted down in my to-do list was just a waste? Well, how do we pick ourselves from a year that felt like a big zero? Answer – By normalizing Zero. This year is about stopping and looking around, and not about charging like a bull.

To make the last few days of 2020 more relaxing, I started prepping up for Christmas already. It may sound like an oxymoron but planning relaxes me (I know it is weird for you few normal people out there).

In the process of prepping, i decided to create few embellishments for my Christmas tree and do something outside the box? (Since being unusual is my only chance at feeling adventurous this year). I decided to decorate my tree NOT with baubles, candy canes, gifts, stars and all the other traditional ornaments but Mudra Christmas Chipzebs which are basically a variety of Holiday sentiments. (Don’t worry, we will still have lights on our tree and a star on the very top).

Would you believe me if i told you that these were so easy to mass produce even though they look so fabulous?

Well, I painted my Chipzebs with chalk paints but you can basically use any kind of paints or inks even.

I used the Mudra Merry Christmas and Christmas Sentiments 2020 Chipzebs from Mudra’s latest release earlier this month.

After two nice coats of your desired colour you can just add some sparkles or sequins/gems or glitter glue.

Add a twine loop at the back and the project is COMPLETE !!! Yes it is that easy 🙂


Hope this helps to brighten up you Christmas tree for 2020 !!! Keep smiling, be kind and lets appreciate the year of relaxation 🙂

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