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Pictorial – Ombre Background Tenchniques Using Mudra Stencils and Mai Dye Ink

by Archisha Mukherjee

Hello Crafty people,

My name is Archisha Mukherjee and welcome to a new pictorial for today. Today I will show you two techniques to create clean and simple Ombre backgrounds using Mudra stencils and Mai Dye Inks.

Technique 1: Ombre pattern on white background

Here is an image of the finished card using Technique 1. I use this background when I want to add more textures to my card and not make the background too busy.

Step 1 – Position the stencil on the card base and tape it to your working surface to avoid it from moving any further. I am using a white card base. I will be using the Mudra 6×4 Falling Circle Stencil.

Step 2 – I want to create an orange to yellow shading that covers only half of my white card base. So, I first blended the darker color here i.e Mudra Tangerine Orange Mai Premium Dye Ink. I used a blending brush but a blending foam can also be used.

Step 3 – Next, I will do a similar blend using the lighter color i.e. Mudra Lemon Yellow Mai Premium Dye Ink.  Blend both the colors well to form a beautiful color gradient.

Step 4 – Peel off the stencil carefully and enjoy the beautiful result.

Step 5 – Use this as your card base (or diecut and be more creative) to create your final project.

I used Mudra 6×4 5 Little Monkeys and Mudra 6×4 Balloons stamp set to add more elements.

I layered this panel on a faux shaker window. A faux shaker window is where the shaker elements do not move and are stuck to the background. The window has no acetate sheet covering it. I used the blue alphabet paper from the Mudra Beary Hugs 12×12 Paper Pack  to created the background of my shaker window . I used the Mudra Clear Couture Sequins for the faux shaker elements.

To add more texture, I made the string of my balloon with some random blue twine I had lying around in the corner of my craft room 😀

Technique 2: Ombre pattern on inked background

This is the finished card using Technique 2. Here we will first create a gradient background on some white card base and then stencil over it. This pattern will also be made only for half of my white card base

Step 1 – I first blended the lightest shade of pink on my white card base i.e. Mudra Flamingo Pink Mai Premium Dye Ink, to create the gradient background. I again used my blender brushes but this can be easily done using some blending tool and foam.

Step 2 – The second layer was created by blending in some darker shade of pink i.e. Mudra Fuchsia Pink Mai Premium Dye Ink.  If you notice, the blend is not seamless. I left it this way to give a more organic look to my card.

Step 3 – Finally, added the last layer of blending for the background with some Mudra Liliac Mai Premium Dye Ink

Step 4 – Now I will layer my Mudra 6×6 Hexaline BG Stencil on my blended background and tape the stencil to the surface.

Step 5 – The last step is to now blend some Mudra Ultra Violet Mai Premium Dye Ink over the stencil to create a beautiful background.

Step 6 – Peel off the stencil to reveal some prettiness.     

Step 7 – Use this as you card base (or diecut and be more creative) to create your final project.

  I used the Mudra 6×4 Cute Critter – Cat and Mudra 6×4 Balloons stamp sets to decorate my card.

I layered my decorated card panel on some matching leaf pattern paper from Mudra 12x 12 Beary Hugs Paper Pack. I hand drew some balloon strings with my black pen and i made them extra loopy 🙂

That completes the second card for today. Hope you enjoyed this pictorial and will try out these techniques soon!


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Happy crafting everyone 🙂

Archisha Mukherjee

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