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Canvas Wall decor with Mudra Stencils and Chipzeb

by mudra craftstamps
Hello Friends ,
Im Sharada Dilip from HappyMomentzz here today to share my creations with Mudra products. I have been busy doing up my Sons bedroom decor and seems like I am addicted to making Home decor stuffs using my crafting supplies. I have been making a lot of stuffs that can go on his room wall and today I’m sharing a few with you all here.

Sail away with me 

I have created a Sea theme Canvas wall decor with Mudra’s Sail away Chipzeb as the Highlight of the creation.

I started with working with the small canvases that are 3×3 in size and have a pine wood frame structure. I have created fast and easy bold backgrounds with alcohol inks and played around with the straw to move the colours. I have used blues and green combination here.

Once I dried the canvases I have worked over it with the Waves Stencils and silver acrylic paint giving it the Light textures.

I have decorated the smaller canvases with pieces from Sail away Chipzeb , which I have distressed with gold ink .

 For the center piece I have created the easy bold backgrounds with alcohol inks and played around with the straw to move the colours. I have used blues and green combination here also. This is a 6×6″ canvas and good to hold a bigger scene hence I have created a scene here. Once I dried the canvas I have worked over it with the Waves Stencils for and silver acrylic paint giving it the light textures on the lower part of the creation. I have used Simple Waves Stencils on the other way around to create the sky scene along with silver acrylic paint. Then I moved forward on adding the remaining chipzeb elements from the Sail away Chipzeb set.  I have distressed them all with gold ink and stained the ship with little blues to show the water splashes and adhered the sentiment as it is to keep it rustic .

Totally love how it has come out so rustic and distressed perfect for the scene I had in mind. There is soo much you can do with one set of chipzebs and I am all for it !! This creation will be framed and put up on his wall very soon.

Moving on to the next project which my son pooled in some help as he is at home with me all the while when I’m creating as the summer vacations are on.

Buddha Canvas Art / Mixed Media Buddha Wall Decor

Supplies required – 
Canvas – 8×8″ here
Buddha stencil 

Asian Tile Pattern Stencil
Acrylic paint
Modelling paste / Texture paste
Paint brushes
Leaves#2 Chipzeb
Handmade Flowers

  • Once you are ready with your supplies, start with adhering the Buddha stencil on the canvas as to where you want the Buddha image to be made on the canvas.
  • We decided it to go in the center of the canvas
  • Next step is to create the texture image using the stencil. This is the fun part of the creation using the Texture paste and the spatula.
  • Kids will love create the textured image in a jiffy! Slowly remove the stencil and wash and save it for later.
  • The textured image needs to dry for further steps. You can heat dry as we needed to add more to the creation.
  • Next we did the corners of the canvas with Asian Tile Pattern Stencil
  • Once the image is dried I have painted the inside of the flower Pink and the face with  grey colour my choice and added details to it
  • For the corners I have used metallic acrylic paints and given dry brush strokes in gold.
  • We decided to finish off the canvas wall art with Leaves#2 Chipzeb.
I loved trying something different with my stash and making new additions to my home decor this season. The team is brewing up something awesome for this month of April , do stay updated by visiting our blogs!!
Products used :


Crafters Corner, India
The Craft Shop
Anandha Stationary
Hindustan Trading Company
Starbox, Chennai
Nagashri Arts, Bangalore
Connect4sale, Chennai

Kat Scrappiness
The Craft Store, Srilanka
Papercurves, UAE
Vivian Crafts, UAE
Scrapbook Boutique, Australia
Wild Warehouse, UK

www.mudrastamps.in (Exclusively for International Customers)

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